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This is a pdf of a Word document, a rough draft, the 0.1 version of what will be a finished, laid out, edited, playtested and polished adventure for Trophy Gold. When it is done the adventure will be priced somewhere around $5. Paying now means you will get access to each draft and the finished pdf.

If you aren't interested in paying a buck for coming along for the ride, the adventure is in a blog post here.

This adventure was inspired by a tweet:

"I think you achieved what you set out to do because it was a good mix of the grimness and risk of Trophy Gold and the sort of light hearted swashbuckling adventure that the original tweeter was bemoaning was lost under a torrent of really Gonzo high-concept material.

The ingredients you put into the sets allowed the treasure-hunters to think of lots of clever ways to avoid combat."

 - James L. Smith, playtester

"I ran "Village near a dungeon with a necromancy problem" last night for Trophy Gold. Players all enjoyed it immensely (despite no one surviving the tomb). 2 of the players started playing with AD&D so really enjoyed the references and started riffing off them. Many thanks."

 - Richard Fryer, playtester

NOTE: This project's profits are not going to charity. Charity products will be clearly labelled in the description.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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For those who have playtested the adventure or are experiencing poverty and/or marginalization, please grab a copy of the PDF for free. 

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